Augmented Reality Invites
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About AR Creatives

AR Creatives is an Augmented-Reality startup based in Mumbai. They specialize in AR-based invites, visiting cards, and other print media. The combination of technology and print media with Augmented Reality is what brings these seemingly lifeless designs to life.

Taking some Inspiration

Since the company mainly dealt with AR-VR services, this had to be the logo's main focus point. Including an AR reference was challenging to understand for most people. Hence, I chose a VR device and also decided to include lenses and tickets in the brand mark.

No battery life
Virtual Reality Headsets
Augmented Reality

multiple concepts rapidly.

Finalizing the Metaphor

Working the Golden Ratio Magic

I try to make use of the Golden Ratio circle to construct logos whenever possible. This is believed to make the logo visually balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

The Typography

Merging the initials of the co-founders with the Beteckna Lower Case font family.

Adding some Red.

The color of energy, action, and courage. In India, the red color holds many important (positive) meanings, especially in marriages, which is the client's target segment. A married woman can be identified by the red henna on her hands and the red powder, known as Sindoor, worn along her hairline.

Here's how
it turned out

Invite Design

AR Creatives
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