Empowering India
with the “अस्त्र” of technology

About Codastra

Codastra is a movement spearheaded by IIT Bombay engineers and their mission is to continuously innovate the best techniques of empowering the next generation of software developers with world class tools and transform the technical education delivery system in India by making it accessible to the common man.


I created a mind-map of the associations of the brand, starting with Astra which translates to a weapon in Indian Mythology and secondly it being a coding education platform. Drawing inspiration from lines of code and developer workspaces, I decided to merge it within the mascot of an owl, which is a symbol of wisdom and fierce intelligence. This would appeal to young kids to make the brand icon easy to recognize.

Code Elements
Dev Workspace

Lots of Sketching..

I sketched out various iterations of the logo. The initial version of the logo consisted of a spear-head, which comes from the 'Astra' reference in Indian mythology. However, the team preferred the mascot direction a lot more.

The Metaphor

When it comes to logos, I aim at designing something that perfectly explains the nature of the business and is also a visual representation of its name. I prefer having the references subtly hidden instead of making them very obvious.

Marrying the text and the Brandmark

Using Golden Ratio circles to design the icon and ensuring the text and logo are visually balanced.

Choosing the right color palette

Purple and green are known to have a calming effect on the mind, are conducive to learning and complement to each other, making them the best choice for a brand operating in the Ed-tech space.

Enjoy some shots !

Hiring Flyer Design

And some hoodies for the team