Social publishing network across the web.

The Challenge

Working with Flikc, a Content publishing platform, I had the opportunity to understand the factors influencing people's content consumption decisions. Our findings indicated a strong link between the user's social connections and their content consumption habits. Incorporating all the findings, we came up with a platform that caters content specifically for you from pieces all across the web.

My Role

Product Designer

Topics across the web,
sorted out by your favorite topics.

So, what went into
the making ?

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Loads of Research

Empathizing with our users


some secret UX magic

Competitive Analysis

Studying content platforms that set the industry standard.

Provisional personas

Listing down potential user groups

Research Insights

Key findings from our user interviews

Most People

Prefer consuming multiple types of content ie. Text, Video and Audio.

Working at a company or are pursuing an MBA are given access to some platform by their employer/college.

Decide whether they want to read an article based on the Title, followed by the summary and then all the other factors.

Are subscribed to a newsletter and share articles they think are engaging with their friends.

An Overwhelming Majority,

Find recommendations from people they trust to influence their decisions the most.

Would leave an article midway if they find a hyperlink to terms they don’t understand and then return to the initial article.

Read the summary of the article and decide if it is the right fit for them.

Consume content only about a topic or industry of their interest.

Common Painpoints

Lack of good results about a topic past the first few Google search results.

Spending time going through something that they might not like.

Time-consuming to follow and unfollow people when they start posting content that they didn’t sign up for.

Lack of hyperlinks and suggestions based on the things mentioned in the content consumed.

Most People

Get relevant and quality content without having to spend hours searching for it.

Get better suggestions similar to the things they liked.

Follow content based on topics

Keep themselves updated with the market trends and the industries of their interest.

Allocate the time spent on searching for other work.

User persona

Consolidating research findings

Journey map

Mapping out the emotional journey,
to find opportunities to improve UX

Business Goals

  • Connect creators and their audience.
  • Improve User retention
  • Assist people to discover and track topics of their choice

User Goals

  • Find better recommendations
  • Find Good, High-Quality sources.
  • Reduce repetitive searching and track topics

The sweet spot

Feature prioritization

Prioritizing the features creating the most impact

User flow

Building out the information architecture and user flows


Sketching screens and interactions


Figma wireframes and
transforming sketches into mid-fidelity wireframes

User Interface

Adding some colors!


R 112 G 65 B 255

Primary LG

R 112 G 65 B 255

Text Body

R 112 G 65 B 255


R 112 G 65 B 255

Dark BG

R 112 G 65 B 255


R 112 G 65 B 255









Dark mode for the night owls.

Here's the final result!

Article Summary

A short snippet of the article coupled with topic tags to help the user decide if they want to read the full article.

Suggested Readings

Similar reads based on a combination of the current topic and ones the user is currently following.

Topic suggestions

A list of topics algorithmically predicted by us that the user is likely to enjoy based on their previous activity on the platform.

Creator suggestions

Similar creators active in the topic of interest. This allows for a lot of new creators to get discovered if the audience likes their previous work.

Other articles from the author

Suggested readings from the same author.