Logistics Dashboard design
connecting thousands of businesses across India

The Challenge

Setting up a delivery unit can be a daunting task for most companies with limited resources. This is where TMOS comes into the picture. The designed dashboard helps automate, schedule and track the status of all the deliveries. With the added Draft functionality, countless businesses across India are now creating smaller order consignments, scheduling recurring deliveries and much more. Did I mention, they can also manage their inventory?

My Role

Product Designer

Competitive Analysis

Understanding the market gaps to strengthen our value proposition.

User personas

Creating provisional personas to make sure the entire team is on the same page.

Competitive Analysis

Empathizing with our users &
Ideating solutions.


Translating needs and insights into
point of view and how might we statements.

How might we help Ishaan efficiently handle his Business Logistics?


Finding the sweet spot between the users, technology, and the business.

Site map

Mapping out the information architecture


Optimizing user flows to reduce cognitive load  
Creating a new draft
Adding products to your inventory
Adding your Customers
Viewing current order status
Sketching out low-mid fidelity wireframes  
Wire-framing across the platform

Design System

Adding colors, creating components and building our Design System to speed up development.

High-fidelity prototypes

Combining everything from the flow charts to components from our design system.
TMOS Dashboard screens

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